CB Soccer Skillz Covid Safety Policy


This is our Health and Safety Policy with regards to following guidelines and maintaining safety in line with Covid safety processes. 


This policy may change as the guidance and impact of Covid-19 evolves and in the event of that occurring, the new version will be posted on our website


Any questions relating to this policy should be directed via email to


Before a Session


Before attending a session all those attending should check that they do not have any existing symptoms that may indicate they have Covid-19. For the latest symptoms please consult with the NHS website. If anyone does feel unwell then they should not attend, this should also be the case if someone who wishes to attend has been in contact with someone who may have Covid-19. 



At the Session


When arriving at a session players should not come onto the pitch until asked to be a coach. No parents or anyone not taking part in the session should enter the pitch area. 

When being checked in at the start of a session, players will have their temperature checked with a non contact temperature monitor. Hand sanitiser should also be applied to players hands at the start of the session. If they don’t have any then we will have some available. For goalkeepers, gloves should be washed with and kept clean between uses. No spitting on gloves or spitting generally is permitted by anyone. 


Drinks bottles should be left with parent or guardian attending or in a place where they can easily identify it as their own..

Bibs may be used but will be cleaned between use. 


Parents or Guardians spectating should do so in a socially distant manner and should only stand close to people from their own household. Entrances and exits to facilities and pitches should be kept clear. Some facilities only allow viewing from specific areas e.g. outside of a 3g pitch fence and any local restrictions should be adhered to.  


All equipment used in the session will have been sanitised since last use.


Hand contact with balls will be limited as far as possible for outfield players and the only regular handling will be from Goalkeepers. 


In the event of an injury occurring and additional contact first aid being needed then the players parent or guardian may be asked to enter the playing area to assist with First Aid which minimises contact between coaches and players. Depending on the level on injury then this will be subject of a dynamic risk assessment at the time.


When taking part, contact should be minimised between players in non contact drills and things such as hugging on goal celebrations or High Fiving should not take place. There will be contact drills and match type play in line with FA and Government guidance. 

Should anyone feel unwell during a session then they should tell a coach immediately and if Covid-19 symptoms they should isolate immediately and contact NHS. The coach should also be informed.  


At the end of the session players can again sanitise their hands before leaving. 


Anyone not adhering to these measures may be asked to leave 


After a Session


Should anyone develop symptoms after a session please get a test in line with NHS policies and should NHS track and trace staff require details of those attending please contact