Friday Football Development Centre Defending Block

During the past three weeks, our Football Development Centre has focused on different defending elements. With three different age groups, this was learn by the kids at different levels.

We started on the basic principles of defending around body position, decision making and techniques. Over the week's this was developed into game related situations such as defending when organised and balanced, defending when outnumbered and recovery runs into positions to help defend.

Despite defending sometimes being a less attractive subject to youngsters learning the game, this approach into learning in small groups seems to have worked really well and will be something we'll continue to employ in the future.

Next week we move onto a block of attacking based practices.

We have a few limited spaces left in our groups for our Friday Football Development Centre in Quorn

6-8 years group training - 1 space

8-12 years - Small group training in 2 groups - 4 spaces

If you'd like to come down for a free taster session then please get in touch here

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