Update regarding restrictions on our sessions during November lockdown

Following the national lockdown announcement on Saturday for this coming week, The Football Association have today confirmed that all non-elite Football matches and training needs to stop until 2nd December.

Since we started back our Football sessions in July and our Goalkeeper Academy in September, everyone who attends players and spectators, have done what was asked of them to fit in with our Covid policy and that of the facilities we use. This has been especially admirable for those who have stayed away when feeling ill or having been in contact with someone who has so I'd like to say thank you to everyone. Through that along with our temperature checks and sanitising of hands and equipment, we've had zero Covid transmissions amongst the 100+ Children and Adults we work with each week which is a testament to our coaches, the clubs we work with and those attending. The majority of the sporting community have also set good standards to prevent spread however I am aware and have experienced some that don't so whilst it's hugely disappointed to have to stop for a month, I understand why and I hope everyone does what they can during the next 4 weeks to get back to a place where we can continue for the rest of the season without further delay. We've just got back to capacity in our sessions which have been going fantastic and after this period we'll get back out there and pick up where we have left off.

A couple of things people have asked and what I think may be queries are covered below

Will we be doing Online sessions again like in Lockdown 1?

At the moment we don't have any plans to do this. During Lockdown 1 kids were also off school and had lots of free time with nothing to do so it made sense and some of the previous videos are still accessible from the website. The online sessions do not have anywhere near the same benefits as the in person sessions and I'm sure gardens are not as accessible as they were in the Summer. If we do any one-off's they will be free to all and will be emailed.

Can we do 1-2-1 sessions?

We're still waiting to see some guidance on this as in Lockdown 1 it was prohibited but a number of companies carried on with these. We intend to stick within the rules so should that be an option then we will communicate it out.

What about fees?

This hasn't actually been asked but I'm fully aware that it's a hard time for many financially so I'm not asking anyone to pay for sessions they are not receiving. If you have already paid for November then it will be rolled over to December.

We hope to see you all again real soon.

Any queries please email info@cbsoccerskillz.co.uk or submit a query through the website.


Chris & the Coaching Team

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